September 4, 2015
Espresso Top 50
Residential Espresso Machines
Elektra - Nivola
Type: Manual | Application: Residential
-Latest model in the Elektra line - combination of beauty and function!
-Mirror-finish polished aluminium housing
-Cup warmer cover and drip tray cover in non-corrosive stainless steel
-Attractive quartz clock adds to design and functionality
-Very simple control knob - turn one way for steam and turn the other way for coffee
-Reservoir sensor shuts down the functions of the machine when there is no water in the reservoir - a great feature lacking on many other home model machines.
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Jura - Impressa E80
Type: Automatic | Application: Residential
-Picture perfect Espresso at the touch of a button.
-Digital display guides you through every phase of operation and maintenance.
-Powerful steam wand with Cappuccino and Latte settings.
-Integrated Claris water filtration.
-Sleekest design in its class.
-Beautiful black and platinum finish on machine front.
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Type: Automatic | Application: Residential/Commercial
The impressa F50 digital system provides easy access to every option available, temperature control, adjustable liquid dosing (between 1 and 16 oz), and auto-on, with clearly marked buttons, control knobs, and a straightforward LED display. includes preprogrammed rinse, cleaning, and decalcification cycles, reducing monthly maintenance to the push of a button.
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Jura - Impressa F9
Type: Automatic | Application: Residential
-The IMPRESSA F9 distinguishes itself both by its state-of-the-art technology, user-friendly control functions and its elegant design.
-The F9 may well be the first "Plug-and-Play" machine on the market.
-Simply follow the clear instructions on the display panel and start making perfect Espresso, Italian style Cappuccino or the finest Macchiato at the push of a button.
-Always fresh and always topped with sumptuous, velvety "crema".
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Jura - Impressa S9
Type: Automatic | Application: Residential/Commercial
-The only Fully Automatic Coffee & Espresso Center with two heating and two frother systems!
-No downtime between brewing coffee and frothing milk
-Program your beverage exactly to your taste, including amount and temperature
-Two choices to steam and froth milk: fully automatic with the patented frothXpress-PLUS system, OR manually with the new Dual-Frother-Plus
-Compact design with simple front panel controls
-Fits underneath kitchen cabinets
-Beautiful deep dual-tone bronze metallic finish
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Jura - Impressa S9 avantgarde
Type: N/A | Application: Residential/Commercial
-Featuring the Dual Frother Plus; steam and froth like a master barista
-Host of convenience and luxury features not found anywhere else.
-Program your large coffee mug, a regular cup and your espresso cup exactly to your taste.
-Choose between two temperature settings.
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Jura - Impressa X-7 Cappuccino
Type: N/A | Application: Residential/Commercial
-One-step-Cappuccino at the press of a button.
-Totally programmable, including coffee amount, hot water and steam capacity.
-Create your own blends with two grinders and six settings.
-Self-cleaning milk frothing device and coffee brew unit.
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Type: Automatic | Application: Residential/Commercial
Treat your customers, guest, employees – and your self – to coffee at the very best. Whether it’ for use at the office, in a bar, hairdressing salon car repair shop or seminar rooms, the IMPRESSA X9 not only delivers a full range of standard coffee types but also handles specialties like cappuccino, latte, macchiato, etc at the push of a button the IMPRESSA X9 is simple to use, even for the individuals with little or no experience of coffee machines.
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Type: Automatic | Application: Residential/Commercial
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Rancilio - Silvia
Type: N/A | Application: Residential
-One of the best "single boiler" machines on the market
-Brass boiler, brass lines, and chromed brass grouphead help maintain proper heat distribution
-One of the biggest boilers in the consumer marketplace - 10.5 ounces
-67 oz. capacity removable water reservoir
-Replace your kettle with hot water on demand feature
-Three-way solenoid valve allows for instant reloading of the machine for another shot
-No mess or fuss when removing the portafilter
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Wega - Mininova Inox
Type: Manual | Application: Residential
Supercompact model in the automatic or semiautomatic version available with direct water connection or with built-in, bodywork in stainless steel (Mininova inox) or combined ABS and stainless steel (Mininova).
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Wega - Starlet
Type: Manual | Application: Residential
Manual dispenser model with COFFEE PODS.
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